Washington Examiner
November 28, 2005
U.S. Muslim leaders must take stand
Washington Examiner
October 31, 2005
In criticizing Bush, don’t cite Reagan
Duluth News Tribune
October 17, 2005
Is the energy shortage caused by hurricanes a signal for the U.S. to develop alternative resources?
YES: New technologies will help end our imported oil addiction
Providence Journal
September 13, 2005
If we don't wobble, we'll win in Iraq
New Hampshire Union Leader
July 30, 2005

There must be no excuses for terrorism

May 30, 2005

BOOK REVIEW: 'View' Presents Different Look at Israeli

Roll Call
April 12, 2005
On Fiscal Policy, the Republican Jig Is Up
Baltimore Sun
February 4, 2005
Before it's too late:
Stopping a nuclear Iran should be Bush's top priorityl
PR Week
January 24, 2005
Second Bush Term Holds Many Unknowns For DC PR Pros
Roll Call
January 10, 2005
The Republicans Face Big Obstacles to Enacting Big Changes